A lot of people think that being an insurance agent is easy and creates a lot of money. This is indeed, true, as long as the agent has the necessary characteristics to make him successful with his job. Being an insurance agent has a lot of advantages such as being able to work on the preferred time schedule and the opportunity to increase the profit by exerting more effort in increasing sales. But without the right traits, an insurance agent will not be able to enjoy the advantages at all.
Here are the 10 characteristics that insurance agents must have in order to be successful:

1. Entrepreneurial mind set – Being an insurance agent has a big similarity with owning a business in such a way that the income is not fixed on a certain rate. Should the agent decide to exert more effort, he can increase his commissions but if he becomes too complacent, he won’t get enough sales and consequently, not earn enough commissions.

2. Good speaker – In offering insurance plans, a sales agent needs to make people realize the need for their product. Simply narrating the benefits of insurance wouldn’t help. The agent should be able to deliver the explanation in a convincing way.

3. Intelligent – This trait is necessary, especially for insurance plans that are more complicated. For this reason, it is always required for an insurance agent to at least, have a bachelor’s degree.

4. Good Listener – The agent should be able to discern what the consumer wants or needs and be able to provide the product that will satisfy the consumer.

5. Available in different time schedules – Most of the consumers are income-earners who have a stable job or managing a business. For this reason, they would always want to meet with an insurance agent after office or business hours.

6. Motivated – Being able to close a deal with a consumer is certainly a triumphant moment for an agent be he shouldn’t be frustrated whenever a client refuses his offers. During these times, it is important that insurance is always motivated to help him keep going in spite of failures.

7. Outgoing – An agent needs to have as much connections as possible and it would help a lot if he is always willing to go out and mingle with different sets of people where he can meet new acquaintances and potential clients.

8. Persistent – There are a couple of clients, especially those who are busy with their job or business, who just needs to be reminded or persuaded about getting an insurance that will be beneficial to them. And for these clients, calling them for a reminder about the insurance plan that the sales agent is offering can make a difference.

9. Knows When To Stand Back – A lot of complaints about insurance agents are their being overly persistent. It is important to keep in touch but they shouldn’t overdo it to avoid irritating the prospective client which will make him reject the offer.

10. Sees Their Profession As A Fulfilling Venture Rather Than A Job – One way to help an insurance remain in his profession is to see it as a fulfilling and rewarding venture rather than a job. If an agent sees it as his opportunity to help people prepare for unexpected events rather than to make a sale then get money, it wouldn’t be a job at all for him.